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The GOLD STANDARD of Youth & Adolescent Support


World Class Youth & Adolescent Wellness-Coaching
 Support for Parents, Teachers & Adults Working with Youth
IMAGINE THIS... You're enjoying a lazy day on the couch, and drift off to sleep. When you wake, you realize a miracle has occurred! Your son is no longer angry, he's doing his chores, studying; he's doing everything else you always knew he could, but it just never happened without an arm-twist, a threat, or an unnecessary argument! notice your family is actually getting along! Not only do they LOVE one another, they actually LIKE each other!


support for parents, teachers & adults working with youth

Along with World-Class, Youth & Adolescent Wellness-Coaching, ALTITUDES365 also offers access to the following resources to parents, teachers, and other adults who work with young people. 

Our ALTITUDES365 Online Membership offers excellent resources for parents or any adult who works with young people. For only $9.99/month, this membership includes daily, weekly & monthly perks. And even some extras when you least expect them. Click HERE for a sample of the some of the benefits and resources we'll be offering our members. We care about you & your needs so we'll add additional benefits as we see the need.

The A-365 Resource Shop is a convenient way to order top of the line resources covering a wide range of topics. Watch for the shop's Grand Opening SALE on December 15, 2020! We're teaming up with several amazing publishers and other suppliers to provide parents, teachers, and young people with educational and fun books, games and a variety of unique items that we're sure you'll love and make great use of.

"Norm is one of the kindest and amazing people you will ever meet. He advocates for mental-health and is always supportive of teachers. He has cleared teacher's Amazon Lists, donated to teachers' projects, funded books, supplies, PPE, and more. I am glad to know and cherish such a kind person in this world." -Kinsley Heckart, Special Education Teacher, Grades 3-6, Iowa, USA.