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The GOLD STANDARD of Youth & Adolescent Support


World Class Youth & Adolescent Wellness-Coaching
Support for Parents, Teachers & Adults Working with Youth
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IMAGINE THIS... You're enjoying a lazy day on the couch, and drift off to sleep. When you wake, you realize a miracle has occurred! Your son is no longer angry, he's doing his chores, studying; he's doing everything else you always knew he could, but it just never happened without an arm-twist, a threat, or an unnecessary argument! notice your family is actually getting along! Not only do they LOVE one another, they actually LIKE each other!



Bringing Out the Very Best In Young People
support for parents, teachers & adults working with youth

Along with World-Class, Youth & Adolescent Wellness-Coaching, ALTITUDES365 also offers access to the following resources to parents, teachers, and other adults who work with young people. 

Working Mom

ALTITUDES365 offers FREE services, education and support to parents, teachers, and other adults who work with young people. Norm, our founder offers fun and support via his Twitter page, @ALTITUDES365, and is in the process of starting a YouTube channel, The Unparent, offering valuable videos to parents and professionals.  There are also free downloadable resources available on the OUR PRODUCTS page.  Revenue & Donations are used to support youth programs and educators across the United States. We also offer individual support services to parents, as well as professional development services to schools, municipalities, police departments and other public or private departments that work with young people.

Boy in Toy Store

ALTITUDES365 is excited to be able to assist your child/adolescent either in person or virtually. We offer many services that assist young people academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. We also offer family sessions that provide each member of the family the necessary tools to succeed both individually, and as a unit. For information regarding our services, please check the SERVICES tab, or contact us by clicking HERE to send us a confidential message regarding your personal needs.


"I've given Norm, from ALTITUDES365 a nickname...UNINORM. I call him UniNorm because unicorns, and people like Norm, aren't supposed to exist. They're supposed to be beautiful, mythical creatures that can only be imagined. But Norm is actually the real thing. Thank God for his existence."  -J.B., 27, Entertainer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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