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Revolutionizing Youth & Adolescent Social & Emotional Support
"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." -Nelson Mandela

Throughout his nearly three decades of working with youth, Norm Gajowiak, the founder of ALTITUDES has come to the realization that several of the institutions enacted to provide specialized services to those in need of assistance have in no way evolved with time, but more importantly, the changing dynamics of younger populations. We currently live in a society with effectively evolved young people, while using processes and guidelines that are vastly outdated and completely ineffective. This is why young people visit therapists for months, even years, and experience NO notable change other than an extremely wealthy therapist. They despise attending school due to the social entropy allowed by administrators and politically influenced school boards. Finally, the current juvenile justice system offers little, to no, modern solutions to rehabilitating young people who have simply made "young people mistakes." 

Currently, over eighty-percent of people under the age of forty report feeling lonely. From May of 2020, until March of 2021, Emergency Room visits for adolescent suicide attempts rose by fifty-percent, according to the US Centers for Disease Control. All while mental health providers are choosing new professions because of the increasing regulatory demands being placed upon them by state government bureaucrats and  national organizations that pose as mental health advocates, but, in reality, are only in existence to make extreme amounts of money for the sake of lobbying politicians, not for mental health reform, but to slowly wither away any type of effective help that remains.

While only an individual, Norm has spent the better part of the last five years creating programs to disrupt these detrimental systems by teaching students, parents, educators, and other adults who work with youth how they, and the community have the power to change upcoming generations in a positive way. Throughout this process, Norm has given up his employment so he can spend as much time as possible to create positive change. He believes that every person, regardless of age or background, deserves pure happiness, to be, and to live as,  the very best version of her/himself. Each of the following programs are based on this foundational premise.

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Youth & Adolescent Services

Norm works with young people, on an individual basis, assisting them in discovering issues that are causing difficulties in their lives. These issues may include behavioral, emotional, educational, and social issues; even clinical issues such as ADHD. Rather than simply offering advice, Norm works alongside young people as an equal rather than an authority, to guide them toward discovering their own solutions, solutions that in no way deviate from who they are as individuals, and then, a timeline to put these solutions into action. Norm positively guides them along their own way to success, celebrating their individual successes by giving them full credit for their accomplishments, while using their setbacks as tools to help them overcome challenges and use them as motivators for future success. For more information, please contact Norm by clicking HERE.


It's a common fact that no individual is the same, especially when it comes to young people. Thus, we know that not all students are built to be successful in a traditional classroom. When some students are forced to attend traditional schools, in traditional classrooms, it can be more of a detriment than an opportunity. The consequences of this can be detrimental in terms of successful learning, negative social implications, and student's attitudes about other institutions such as the workplace, and the acceptance of traditional authority. Norm is happy to work with these students, whether they remain in their current school, or by working with parents to define a more valuable alternative. Contact Norm to discuss your specific needs by clicking HERE.

Specialized Services for Youth & Adolescents

Norm also offers two highly specialized services to highly specialized clients. First, Norm understands the difficulties of young males living without a traditional male role-model in their lives. He is happy to work with your son to provide the necessary insight generally provided in a stable and healthy relationship between a young person and a responsible adult male. Fortunately, technology provides the opportunity for this to happen in a virtual environment with the same positive results. Because of the circumstances that bring about this type of request, this service is generally provided for a limited fee, or no fee at all. Please contact Norm to discuss your son's current situation, where Norm will either offer his services or refer you to an organization in your area that can be of assistance by clicking HERE.


Norm has successfully worked with, and continues to work with several "high-profile" clients.  Because of the differing circumstances they are subject to, these clients often require very specific services that are completely dependent on their private and professional endeavors, and often include private mentorship, life-coaching, and educational assistance (or even all three). Those who have worked with Norm in the past include youth, adolescent & young adult entertainers, influencers, and athletes. Each of them thoroughly enjoy working with Norm, as he has the ability to understand them as individuals who require the privacy of living a normal life, their high-profile roles in society, and how to successfully create positive boundaries between the two while acknowledging the importance of each of these roles.  For questions regarding these services, contact Norm HERE

Exclusively for Parents
For Educators & Schools

Since 2019, Norm has been active in several initiatives that provide classroom supplies and other items to teachers and students across the United States and Canada. Thus far, he and his generous followers and sponsors have assisted in excess of twenty-five thousand classrooms, in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Two of the campaigns Norm generally works with are Donor's Choose and Amazon's Clear the List campaign. Norm also offers random giveaways of gifts to teachers via the ALTITUDES365 Twitter account, and has worked with the authors of children's books to organize various games, giving away copies of these highly regarded books as prizes. Norm has hosted several giveaways of the popular graphic novel, Punk Taco, by Adam Wallenta & his young son, Makana.  Norm has recently been in direct contact with The Trevor Romain Company, and recently given away copies of Trevor Romain's, Taking the Duh Out of Divorce, thanks to their generous donation of these books. For further information on these initiatives, simply follow @ALTITUDES on Twitter.


*Unlike that of many public or private insurance companies, it is the policy of ALTITUDES365 that no family, child or teen shall lack the services they deserve due to financial difficulty or socioeconomic status. We are happy to provide many of our plans based on a sliding scale to those who qualify. The ALTITUDES365 sliding scale discounts services based upon income and other non-economic circumstances.  Contact us for details. Must provide proof of income and/or other supporting documents as required during the sliding scale application process.

**It is important to understand that any/all inquiries made to ALTITUDES365 will always remain fully confidential. None of your private information will ever be disclosed in any way, or on any forum. Your confidentiality is extremely important to us. Any photographs used on this website are used with the consent of all individuals depicted and in no way represent them as a client of ALTITUDES365.

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