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World-Class Youth, Adolescent & Family Wellness-Coaching
Specialized Home Education Consulting & Tutoring
FREE Resources Created for Youth, Teens, Parents & Adults Who Work with Young People
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Because we're fortunate enough to enjoy the vast talent and experience of our altitudes365 coaches, we are equipped to successfully work with clients on a wide array of issues. Our goal is to assist you in figuring out your child or family's immediate needs and future desires, then to work out any issues that have been holding them back, and to determine how to overcome those obstacles in a positive way; successfully allowing them to feel the sense of accomplishment they deserve.

Next, we work on creating new goals, and devise specific plans to help them to be successfully accomplished. Our coaches, who will now have built a strong rapport/friendship with the client, will support this process with positive reinforcement techniques, tips on how to deal with failures/mistakes, education, and world-class support, so the client never feels

on his own. Unlike other traditional support services, ALTITUDES365 coaches keep their phones on (and answer them). Our coaches are always available to assist their clients. ALWAYS.

 Common issues we help young people with:
  • Academic, Behavioral, Other School or Domestic Issues/Concerns
  • Using client interests & self-authenticity in preparation for future college & career planning
  • Social Issues, including Building Positive Peer Relationships, Bullying, or other home or school based concerns
  • Resolving Adolescent Social Pressures, including Vaping, Alcohol, Illegal Substance Use, and Technology Addiction
  • LGBT-Q, or any other non-binary sexuality issues/support
  • Increasing client motivation to successfully move forward when they're feeling "stuck"
  • Divorce and Loss Coaching & Support
  • Family Relationship Coaching
  • General Mentoring/Support (often requested by single parents for their son/s)
If you do not see the issue you may be experiencing with your child, teen, or family, please ask! We will do whatever it requires to make sure you and your family receive the coaching and broad range of support we offer our clients.
altitudes365 helps our clients achieve successful results by employing a strategic, empirically based,  tried-and-true approach that has been developed by combining the best practices of a variety of models used by the best minds in the world when it comes to assisting youth and adolescents, as well as parents, teachers, and other adults who work with young people.

The general premise of life-coaching is to assist individuals in creating attainable goals and guiding them to successfully reaching them. The ALTITUDES365 approach goes far above and beyond typical life-coaching; this is why we prefer to refer to our method as wellness-coaching. While we certainly work on goals and successful goal attainment, we delve much deeper into a wide range of other extremely important issues that benefit young people forever. 

The entire foundation of our approach to coaching is what is known as Unconditional Positive Regard, (UPR). With time, this foundation is virtually unbreakable. Unconditional Positive Regard is simply defined as complete acceptance and caring for the individual in a positive way; no matter what. Our clients are guaranteed confidentiality, acceptance, and a non-judgmental relationship with the coach. Unconditional Positive Regard is often, the only thing a young person needs to experience to begin a complete transformation in their overall attitude, motivation, feelings of personal legitimacy, and improving their self-esteem & self-love.

The altitudes365 approach

One of the many goals of ALTITUDES365 coaches is to model and teach a carefully selected set of behaviors with each of our clients:

unconditional positive regard
social independence
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altitudes365 works closely with reputable psychiatrists and other professionals.  In the event that a coach believes a client should be referred to a mental-health professional who can deliver a higher level-of-care, clients will be referred to one of these professionals for possible services. All medical providers are comprehensively screened, as altitudes365 would only refer our clients to the very best in the business.

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