Norman Gajowiak

Norman has an impressive post high-school education. He's earned degrees in Secondary Education & Psychology, with minors in Sociology & Human Services as well as a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. He completed his graduate education among those at the top of his class, with full honors, and remains in the international honor society for psychology (Psi Chi). He has completed continuing education courses at some of the leading medical schools in the country, all of which are based on the treatment of pediatric & adolescent populations. Norm has also completed the 1.2.3. Magic Trainer's Course, certifying him as a parenting coach & a parenting coach trainer. 
As Norm tells everybody, his experience is the foundation of his high level of success in working with young people. Norm was a highly sought-after educator for twelve years. His courses always had a waiting list. While teaching, he wrote all of his own curriculum and tailored every lesson to each individual student based on their learning style & their strengths. Throughout this time, Norm was also a private educator & mentor to hundreds of middle-schoolers. He has practiced as a youth psychologist & the life coach to several child actors and influencers. He remains on the faculty of a local community college, teaching dual-enrollment Psychology courses to students in high-school.
Norman has traveled the world from Central America to Asia. He has lived in a state run orphanage in Russia, sharing his time with parentless kids & teens, creating opportunities for fun; but most importantly, showing the kids in the 
Norm & Jorge Julian in Managua, Nicaragua.
orphanage how it feels to be loved, as witnessed by his collection of over sixteen hundred cards and letters he’s received from around the globe. Norm was also trained as a “missionary dentist” so he could travel across the nation of Nicaragua with medical mission teams to provide free medical and dental services to kids in need. While there, Norm visited children staying in dilapidated hospitals every day; playing, coloring and praying with the patients and passing out toys to hundreds of sick children.
Aside from working directly with young people, Norman has been a strong advocate for youth related issues including mental-health, education & juvenile justice. These causes have led him around the country, and even to local schools to advocate for the same population he serves. In November of 2019, Norm was recognized by the United States House of Representatives for his fierce advocacy for young people. He has met with groups of survivors of the tragic school shootings that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School & Margorie Stoneman Douglas High School, and marched on Washington along side them. Norman truly cares, and his life is focused on creating positive change both in, and for, children & teens.

A group of young demonstrators after a rally speech by Norm, in Washington, DC.

"Norm is one of the most positive people I know. He cares about the world and does everything in his power to make it a better place." -Chance Hurstfield, 13, Actor, Vancouver BC, Canada