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More about ALTITUDES365 founder, Norm Gajowiak

A Random Q & A ...

Q:  It seems like you work a lot. What are some of you favorite hobbies?

A:  You're right! I spend most of my time working, but thankfully I love what I do so it doesn't really feel like work! I do have some hobbies, though. I really enjoy trading and investing in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. I've always been interested in investing, but during the pandemic I had a bunch of time on my hands and spent over a year learning everything I could about making money in the market. I've put my new found knowledge to work and have done fairly well, thus far. I think the biggest things I've learned are:  "Patience is key,"  and, "In order to win, an investor only has to be right fifty-one percent of the time."  Aside from investing, I've always enjoyed traveling. Whether just a weekend road trip to Upper-Michigan, or an overseas adventure, it's always nice to experience different places, and meet new people from around the country and the world.

Q:  Do you have any pets?

A:  Of course I do! I'm definitely an animal lover. My favorite pet is my dog, Rudy. Rudy is a fawn and while long-haired chihuahua. He's very cute and loveable, but can act pretty ferocious he doesn't know. Rudy is extremely smart! He's by far, the smartest dog I know. Rudy is also very spoiled! Aside from Rudy, I have a single fish named, Red. Red is really old! I bought him about five years ago and he's still alive and well! Aside from my house pets, I have a few outdoor animals that I take care of. I have a cat I call, Magic, and believe-it-or not, a deer...YES...a deer. I call her Bambi (what else would I call her?). I met Bambi and her mom earlier this spring. Sadly, her mom was injured and taken to a rehabilitation center. She was released into the wild far from my house, so Bambi was on her own. Since then, Bambi pays me a visit about three times-a-week for some treats. She loves apples! She's no longer the tiny fawn I met this spring, but she still remembers me, and Rudy!  One of my all time favorites was my canary, Pee-Wee. I named him after a canary my grandma had when I was a kid. He was very smart, and sang songs all morning long. Pee-Wee spent most of his time in his cage, but it was always open, so he could fly around if he wanted, but he rarely did. That reminds me, when I was a teenager, I had a pet pigeon! I found him laying in the grass with an injury to his wing. I got him all healed up and when he was able to fly again, he never left! I can remember walking out into my back yard and he's fly down and land on my head! I tried to get him into the house, but can you imagine my parent's reaction when they found a wild pigeon in the house! Thinking back, it was hilarious. Finally, recently while taking some pet food to the humane society, I found a cat that caught my attention, and my love. I can't have indoor cats because I'm allergic to them, but I had to find a way! I ended up adopting her for my mom! I'm so glad I did! My mom loves her, but I think my dad loves her more. They named her Irene.   I hope you enjoy these pictures of my pets!


My "Beauty Rudy"

My Bambi

My Magic

My singer, Pee-Wee

My beautiful Irene

Q:  Do you like to play sports?

A:  Sure! I don't play as often as I'd like, however I really love baseball. I also like to play golf, especially in the fall. I also really enjoy bowling, and I'm actually pretty good at it. I also enjoy skateboarding, jumping, and some of the other things that some people wouldn't classify as a sport. My favorite thing to do in the wintertime is going on my annual ski and snowboarding trip with my nephews. Each year I take them, and a bunch of their friends to a place called Boyne Mountain, in upper-Michigan, for four or five days of recklessness on the mountain. It's really a blast and something we all look forward to every year. I like to swim, but I usually do that at the gym. The funny part is that when I go to the gym, my youngest brother usually tags along and we end up just sitting in the hot tub, or wading around in the pool and talking. I'd say that baseball is, by far, my favorite. I love it so much, I actually worked for the Detroit Tigers from 2005 until 2012. That was an awesome experience! It was even better because the owner of the team also owns the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. That allowed me to go to hundreds of baseball and hockey games every year. It was also really nice because a part of my salary was four tickets to every Tiger's game. I rarely used them because I was already at the games, so I would trade them with some of my friends who worked at other venues in the city. This allowed me to see just about every one of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra performances, and countless different plays, concerts and other events both in the city of Detroit, and even around the country! I was even at the World Series when the Tiger's were a contender! Those were some great times!

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