GALLONS OF GRATITUDE is an A-365 EXCLUSIVE product developed just for you, your family, or your classroom.


 The full kit includes:


500 Official GALLONS OF GRATITUDE Cards w/Case

Set of 6 Colored Gel Pens


How it works: Whenever you, your child, or your family are feeling grateful or have a positive experience, just enter the date and a description of the experience, or what they are grateful for on one of the cards. Then fold the card and drop it into the container.  When the container starts to fill up with cards,  when you, your child, or family might be having a rough day, simply open the container and read some of the cards and remember the positive things that you, or they have experienced in the past, for an easy way to cheer-up!


This is a common method used by youth & family psychologists and play therapists as a method to refocus a bad day, or a rough moment into a positive experience.


This is also a fun way to have your child record positive or memorable moments throughout their childhood. Then hold on to the container until they are older and surprise them with it as a random gift. It will surely make for a fun and memorable walk down memory lane.

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