Hey students! Check back every Monday, all year long, for fun facts, news that only students would understand, and even a few fun things to do! Welcome to YOUR page!

The Weekly Checklist
Paper Clips

Directions: Read the YES or NO questions below. Keep track of your YES answers, then add them up when you finish. When finished, click the LET'S GO! box to find out what on earth these questions even mean! Have fun!

01.  Are you the oldest child?

02.  Do you like cats better than dogs?

03.  Do you like to take naps?

04.  Do you ever swear? 

05.  Are you ever sarcastic?

06.  Do you ever talk to yourself?

07.  Are you ever scatterbrained?

08.  Are you left-handed?

09.  Do you prefer to be alone rather than in big crowds?

10.  Are you very curious?

11.  Do you sometimes criticize yourself?

12.  Is your room messy?

13.  Do you ever think you're not that smart?

14.  Do you seem to question just about EVERYTHING?



Hey friends! When we hear about breaking news, it's likely that we automatically this it's something bad. Well, this time, the breaking nrews is actually really good...I think it's actually really cool. Starting in January, we are working to provide you a weekly news show with topics and important stories and interviews that are created just for students. We've found that the mainstream news is both boring, and often extemely sad. We think it's important for students to have their own version of the news. YOUR version will include news that is accurate, fair, and important or students. We're also very excited to tell you that we've reached out to many celebrities and influencers who have overwhelmingly responded and have agreed to do interviews just for you. Finally, I'll be introducing a new influencer, Levi, who will be a major part of each of the weekly news shows, as well as available to answer any questions or comments you may have about being a young person. No question or comment will be ignored, as Levi and I believe that your questions deserve to be answered in an honest way. Stay tuned!


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